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Where Else Can You Learn From So Many Of The World’s Top Paid Coaches In Every Niche?

In this carefully curated exclusive video interview series, our guest experts will share their “secret sauce” for creating real, lasting transformation with themselves, their clients, their loved ones, and their massive audiences.

What engaging in this World Class Coach Interview Series means for you:

  • Feeling more confident in your coaching
  • Instantly building your bag of tricks for deeper transformational sessions
  • Charging higher fees for your work
  • Attracting higher-level consulting opportunities
  • Contributing to a happier, healthier world

If you’re not a coach, but you’re considering coaching as a career, you’re in exactly the right place. you’ll get a sneak peek into how the top 1% of coaches got started in this fast-paced $2 billion dollar industry.

These experts are amongst the highest paid in the coaching industry. In this master class video interview series,
we intend to find out how + why!

Coaching is the best career. Ever. You literally get paid to transform lives. Where else do you get to help people change their lives, make a great living and work from anywhere in the world?

The Master Coaches in this all-new video interview series have built 6-figure coaching practices and multi-million dollar coaching businesses. Some of them are best-selling authors and award winning speakers. They’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world lose weight, find love, discover their purpose, make more money and create the life of their dreams.

And finally, they’re going to share with you HOW they do it.

World’s Top Coaches Share Their Secrets With You

Angela Winfield

Bill Baren

Bryan Franklin

Carey Peters

Colette Baron-Reid

Cynthia Pasquella

Deborah Skye

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

Emily Rosen

Marc David

Evan Marc Katz

Gina DeVee

Kendall Summerhawk

Michael Fishman

Nisha Moodley

Reed Davis

Sharla Jacobs

Rhonda Britten

Stacey Morgenstern

Sybil Henry

Yuri Elkaim

Amy Ahlers

Christine Arylo

FOUNDERS & CREATORS OF Holistic MBA™ Carey Peters & Stacey Morgenstern

Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters are the founders and creators of Holistic MBA, an international coach training company dedicated to creating leaders in the art, science, and business of transformation. Their annual live events attract aspiring coaches from all over the globe who want to step into their spotlight, shine out loud and dare to live their best lives ever. Since joining together in 2010, Carey and Stacey have trained over 6,000 coaches and truth seeking women from 122 countries in their flagship trainings Holistic MBA Core and the Transformational Coaching Method.

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